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What If Love Powered Everything You Do?

Discover how this book and our membership platform can connect you to people at the highest levels.


Why do you think it’s working so well?

The Friendship Pod is about connection. We have no idea how powerful a tool it is. It has the power to resolve issues, create solutions and open oneself to outside the box ideas. Your first step on this journey is to experience the power of connection. It will amaze you. The second step, if you are open, will give you greater access to connection with others and yourself.


Hi, we are Shacker and Sara, fictional characters in a book called “The Friendship Pod Affair” written by best-selling author Renee Mollan-Masters. We’d like to introduce you to a revolutionary approach to networking and connecting with people that is based on an organic approach.

Today’s platform-centric environment has us all so fragmented that businesses are failing because the price of connecting with leads, prospects and partners is costlier now than ever.

What we need is a process to connect at higher levels of love, forgiveness and respect which allow us to organically accept one another. This process can be found in the remarkable story and networking approach of Friendship Pods.

From the author of a best-selling guide called “You Are Smarter Than You Think,” which sold over 100,000 copies, comes a new novel “The Friendship Pod Affair: The Miracle That No One Thought Could Happen.”

Our story is all about friendship and the power of forgiveness, following our lives and that of our friend Amani, as we banded together to break the bonds of hatred that has enslaved our lands for generations.

It’s not often two Palestinians and an Israeli become friends, but through the power of The Friendship Pod, anything is possible.

We had a life-shattering event happen to us, that caused us to say, “No More!” And this is what set us up on a journey to creating a Friendship Pod with our own enemies. Well, the Friendship Pod concept had soon spread throughout our own individual countries, bringing peace where no one thought it possible.

We all know it is better to forgive and let go of our anger, but do we have the courage and willingness to do so? In our story, we had to ask ourselves this same question, and the resulting miracle will touch your heart.

It’s the power of the Friendship Pod process that helped us create a new paradigm in how we connect with others, at such high levels of synergy.

The process is simple, but the effect is undeniable.

Audio sample of the book:

We have seen so many people touched and revived by this process

  • Relationships are healed.
  • Prejudices are set aside.
  • People organically connect with one another.
  • More unity is attained in teams.
  • The connectedness of each person is more pure.
  • Creative unification leads to breakthrough.
  • And businesses incorporating the Friendship Pod start to thrive.

The Friendship Pod membership is for anyone who wants to discover a more powerful and compelling way to connect with people from all walks of life.

We are so excited you want to take this journey with us. Every journey needs a destination. Our destination is discovering a world that is more loving and connected.

Our goal is to bring Friendship Pods to the world.

You might think this is a tall order, but it all begins with you.

Just reading my character’s story will change you.

That change will change the world. Then if you get inspired to start a friendship Pod somewhere in your life with our help, you will be adding to the change.

We have become disconnected. This disconnection has made people feel unheard, lonely, and hopeless. Let’s bring a little love to their world.

Your first step on this journey is to register as a member of the Friendship Pod Network, and then to read the inspiration manual, The Friendship Pod Affair novel. I think it will inspire you.

You will discover many resources inside the membership area to help you succeed with your connections.


One of the campers from our camp experience years ago—Paul, an Israeli—well, he and I have always been good friends. We dated years ago, but then my father’s nonacceptance of him kind of put a damper on our relationship and we went our separate ways for a while. I’m happy to say that we’r getting married this summer.

Professional versions of a Friendship Pod can be organized to:

  • Empower communities
  • Unite teams
  • Break down barriers in corporate environments
  • Attract new prospects
  • Generate revenue
  • Create social impact

They can be formalized and promoted to attract and empower prospects to take action around a product, service, cause or campaign.

Musicians can use Friendship Pods to align themselves with one another before performing or recording. Actors are able to better synchronize with one another before a show, entrepreneurs can use Friendship Pods across the web or in person to unite a team to accomplish great things. Students at all levels can use Friendship Pods to connect and collaborate at higher levels of understanding and acceptance.

Friendship Pods are not just a networking group, they are a starting point for individuals to find clarity, identify with their own goals and vision. The Friendship Pod membership is staffed with performance and personal development coaches who are accessible to help you achieve your stated goals. Instead of wasting time and energy looking for coaching in areas that don’t apply, this focused approach stimulates growth focused only on your desired outcome.

By becoming a Friendship Pod member, you will receive access to our membership site where you can:

  • Get clarity on your purpose
  • State your goals
  • Connect with coaches who are inspired to help you achieve your destiny
  • Gain access to resources that help you grow your Friendship Pod
  • Discover how to leverage Friendship Pods to unify teams
  • Record Your local Friendship Pod in our searchable database
  • Identify and record your vision
  • Identify and record your mission
  • ​Download instructions on how to set up a Friendship Pod or join an existing one
  • Discover how to leverage Friendship Pods to grow a business
  • Discover how to leverage Friendship Pods to empower employees
  • Share your stories of healing, unification and success

The Friendship Pod Membership includes:

  • A preview of the Friendship Pod book
  • Instructions on how to setup your own Friendship Pod
  • A guided path to find clarity and identify your highest vision
  • A dynamic profile where you can state your goals and vision
  • A coaching network designed to help you reach those stated goals
  • A feedback loop to share your success stories with the rest of the membership
  • Complete access to the best-selling course on clarity “You Are Smarter Than You Think”
  • Revenue strategies and tools to monetize a Friendship Pod
  • Ideas on how to apply a Friendship Pod to create a social impact
  • A genuine network of people who are driving change through higher connections
  • A turnkey solution to networking, team building and prospecting
  • Access to view and share a live-stream of a Friendship Pod in action

A Friendship Pod can be designed to empower and unite 2 people or 10,000. Its flexibility is as endless as it is applicable.

You can mold your Friendship Pod to serve any agenda while it strengthens the individuals connected to it.


We should extend an invitation to sign up as a free member, so anyone can begin this journey and bring the power of love and focus into their pursuit of success.

After all, The Friendship Pod Network is the place to find a personalized path towards whatever success you want to manifest in your home, life, business or career.


Would you like to discover how you can bring the power of Friendship Pods to your organization, community, business, charity or university?

Or would you like to become a member to find a Friendship Pod that you can join and grow with?

Maybe you just want access to our process of helping you find clarity around your vision for success, and then providing you with a path to obtain it.

Even if you are only intrigued by the concept and want to see it in action, we invite you to register with us and become part of a movement that is poised to impact the world, both at home and abroad.

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